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Sensors and Actuators, A history of endless possibility

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Lets begin with latest jargon and trend: Internet of Things (IOT), M2M, Smart Grid. But what’s more important is what the basic fundamental concept behind the jargon. Things that used to develop the previous jargon. It’s called a transducer. And it’s using a basic law of thermodynamics.

  • Transducer: Device that converts one form of energy to another form of energy
  • Actuator: Transducer that accepts energy (eletric, hydraulic, pneumatic) and produces the kinetic energy of movement (action/motion).¬†Eg Electric Motor, Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Sensor: Transducer whose purpose is to sense (that is, to detect) some characteristic of its environ. Used to detect a parameter in one form and report it in another form of energy
  • Combination Transducer: Detect and create action. Eg Antenna

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Februari 28, 2015 at 8:05 pm

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Breathe and Be Pragmatic

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Sometimes, I wake up in the morning, feeling afraid of a very simple thing, such as loosing my key, or my watch, or my token. The first two always missing, the characteristic is the same, all very important things for me. And that simple fear grow very fast, my breath is become faster, I am no longer worry of losing a key, but I also afraid losing of deadline, losing of my family, and everything. It escalates quickly.

So what I did to overcome this? the easiest way is cleaning the house, just like my grandfather did, he always wake up very early in the morning and clean the house. Now I understand that the cleaning process is a stress relief for him. It helps. Another things that I did is cleaning the Ipad/Tablet/Laptop. It the simplest way to let your body, let your mind in the awareness stage. Throwaway the fear, in simplest way.

To make situation under control is need a lot of practice. I begin to have a clear view, what my priority again. What I like to do, What I did not like to do. I start with the easiest things first. Practice make perfect. And nobody is perfect.

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Februari 27, 2015 at 6:06 am

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Residential Energy Scavenging System: Review, Design and Implementation

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Energy Scavenging (ES) is different than Energy Harvesting (EH), in a sense that Scavenging mean to collect the leftover energy while harvesting mainly to collect the energy. For example scavenging can be used to colelct the energy from walking, while harvesting might be a micro wind turbine to be put in your head.

But the similarity is that ES and EH is both of this concept is a microgeneration energy. This microgeneration can be stored in battery, or can be used to power a microelectronic device.

Perspective of Purpose
At this point, there are two big approach for development of ES, which it can be a Microgeneration (MG) and Microelectronic (ME). It is can be seen from the perspective of microelectronic device where the main purpose is to to run the small device (e.g sensor, actuator, small vehicle). So the concept would be: “I need to operate this device, give me a power, what ever small power you can generate”

Or the second perspective is it can be seen from perspective of microgeneration. This concept would be: “Well, I know that I can generate power from this device, from your movement for example, but now it’s up to you, on how you want to use this power”

Other Perspective (Material, Economic, Consumption)
Energy scavenging comparison also can be seen from material perspective e.g which material that most effective to used, which depending on Power Density, Cost, Characteristic of Material.

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Februari 23, 2015 at 11:37 am

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Tambora 1815 Eruption

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200 years ago, in 1815 a volcano is erupted. It was one of the largest volcano eruption in the recorded history of the world. The eruption is very big, that a British Governor of East Indies at that time mention that the area in 300 miles radius is experiencing a total darkness in 3 days because of the ashes that produce by eruption blocking the sun light. The world also experiencing what so called a year without summer. It can be seen in painting of that period and also some meteorological data mention summer in June.

But today I wouldn’t like to discuss about the eruption, although some might argue that this eruption contributed to Napoleon defeat in Waterloo battle two month after that. Or I also wouldn’t speak about the magnitude of this eruption that makes a Tsar Bomba or Hiroshima Bomb like a fireworks and Chernobyl Explosion just like a piece lighter.

Today I would share with you about an event in 200 years before the eruption, or around 400 year ago where a vessel from Port of Rotterdam sail to Banten, a city near Jakarta -Indonesia capital nowadays. A first multinational public listed company, A Dutch East Indies Company (DEIC/VOC) that created a trading post in Indonesia making a profitable business that give 18% annual dividen to their shareholder every year for around 150 years until it was being nationalized by Netherland Kingdom and able to control a vast area of current Indonesia for around 350 years.

So this is story about international business. A story of how having a business skill is a better competitive advantage than having a vast resources. Indonesia is one of largest Coal, Gas, Gold, Wood & Valuable metal producer, one of largest economy in the world but also one of the poor region in the world.

So let me start this story with the reason why I choose Geothermal business.
(320 word / 3 minutes:120wpm)

– 3.87 SR Chernobyl 9.5 tons
– 6.00 SR Hiroshima Bomb 6R 15 kilotons
– 8.35 SR Tsar Bomba 50 megatons
VEI 6 – 8.75 SR Krakatoa (1883) 200 megatons
VEI 7 – Tambora (1815)
VEI 8 – 9.15 SR Toba (75K) 9.15R 800 megatons (largest in 25 million year)
– 9.20 SR Sumatra Andaman 950 megatons

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Februari 22, 2015 at 11:10 am

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A good presentation

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A good presentation consist of three things, the audience, what audience want to hear, what audience can get. In the end, its about a result. We can talk about a funny story, and what audience get is a happy good feeling. We can talk about technology and what audience can get is understanding how system works. Or we can talk a lot of thing about our plan then the audience maximum can absord maybe only two or three informations.

To maximize the result of information being accepted by audience. We need to follow some ‘continum’ in delivering information: make them aware, understand and act. The realistic part is to make them act. Without any act, most of presentation is just a purpose to make audience feeling good, although the best and everlasting message delivered in that kind of style.

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Februari 19, 2015 at 4:57 am

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A lesson on how to learn and manage time

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I buy a bike for my daughter when she was having her 3rd year birthday, a small size with stabilizer. Use only 1-2 hours per week in the beginning, and after that put it on the garage. And on the next 5th year birthday, I buy another new bike for her, because she is big enough can not ride the small one. And things also happened the same, she doesn’t like to ride it, keep it on the garage.

But things happen on several weeks after 6th birthday, because she need to go to school with bike. The only reliable transport that she has. Then there is no option for her not to learn how to ride a bike. And voila, it took only 3 days for her to learn ride a bike without stabilizer. I am very proud of her.

The next thing is about Math. I feel its the same way like the way she wants to ride a bike. If she doesn’t want to ride it, then it take more than three year to motivate and encourage her to ride a bike, but found no result. But if she wants to, then its only need a 3 day to master it. Same with math, and now I feel maybe if she wants to, then its only need a short time for her to learn math.

Ah this lesson is same with me now. Why children learn very fast, in a matter of minutes or in a matter of days. I think it because, we as human tend to have an ego, that thought we knows and we understand everything. This ego, makes us difficult to learn new things, difficult to master a new skills.

For me one of example is on how to ride a clutch (kopling) motor bike, I found it is very difficult. Or learn things like accounting. Things that I feel, I did not agree with, or don’t want to accept that that things is important and I miss something on it.

Writing a journal for example, then we need to understand and accept the rule. Without it, I think for the rest of our life, we can not able to learn anything.

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Februari 16, 2015 at 6:18 am

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On which scale and what condition

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I posted a question in the related with small Geothermal power plant.

It’s an interesting things, that a concept might be working both in the technical and financial perspective, but after it combined, sometimes it just doesnt work. There are many explanation on why this things keep happened. An explanation from me? well because maybe the reality is always like that. There are to many concern that we need to be carefully analyzed.

For example, to be able to walk, our brain should be able to analze the vision, the sound, the weather, and everything. Let see

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Februari 15, 2015 at 3:55 pm

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