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The fate of nation: Non Aligned Movement in Indonesia

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Well it remind me on many things.

1. No one can predict the future
2. People can have different perspective on single things
3. People want to sell something

So today, 18 April 2015, 60 years ago a Non Aligned Movement conference held in Bandung. This historical event, teach in my school back then. But the other interpretation of this event might be very different. We will never know.

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April 18, 2015 at 8:44 pm

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Lesson in every journey

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What is the main lesson in every journey:

1. Time is never enough
2. Perspective is always different

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April 18, 2015 at 8:02 pm

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Why we need to do what we love

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Once I heard a story about a very old lady that can predict the age of people, quite accurate. So she can say, you will died in 50 years old, you will died in 74 years old. At first I thought it was magic, but it can be predicted actually, based on behavior. Not a one year observation, but can be one day observation.

First the lady need to know what is you are doing in a day. Do you speak fast or slow, do you worry of many thing or not, what is the things that become your main attention in one day. How fast is your heart beat.

Well be happy.

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April 17, 2015 at 10:39 am

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Who is the happiest person in the earth?

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Who is the happiest person in the earth?

Is it the one who always complaining on the small things
Is it the one who always very tired, feeling stressful day and nights?
It it the one that not satisfied with everything that he has
It it the guys who always expect a things, as best as he can
It is the guys who never satisfied?

Who is this guy?
Who is the happiest guy on earth
Is he that wake up in the middle of the night, worry about little things?

Is he has the truly happiness in this world
Happy as defined by feeling of peaceful
Happy as defined by achieving something

Who is the most beautiful person on earth
Who is the richest person on earth
Who is the smartest person on earth

People told you
Parents told you
Friend told you
Family told you

Your life is your life
Maybe you are making mistake
Maybe you are making a wrong decision
But remember your life is your life
You have the control of your life

Even in the prison, deepest, darkest
You have a control in your life

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April 12, 2015 at 8:29 am

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A journey of peace

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Once upon a time, a student of wisdom school is called by his teacher to have a journey to a village far far away. The teacher ask the student to go to this journey to learn about final lesson in his study. A lesson about wisdom.

In the village, the student met an old farmer who looks very tired. He ask “are you happy?” the farmer say “nope, my crops this season is fail, I need to rework again”. The farmer look sad.

The next morning the student met an old fisherman who also looks very tired. He ask “are you happy?” the fisherman say “nope, I got no fish for a week, I came home without nothing”. The fisherman look sad.

In the market, the student met the farmer wife and fisherman wife. Both look happy and laughing each other. The student curios and ask “why you are very happy, your husband has misfortune right?” the wife say “yeah, and thats why we are sharing this pressure. she help me she see the bright side”

The next morning the student met fisherman and farmer in a small food stall, he ask “why don’t you just be like your wife, sharing and forget the things?”. The farmer say “You know, there is possibility if I sell this fail crop to the other island, I still can get the profit. So I am thinking now”. The fisherman say “I think, if I have a bigger boat, I can go to another spot that has more fish”

The next week, the student going back to the school and give his teacher a summary of his journey. “I see that complaining is things that make people unhappy, I see fisherman and farmer is not happy, but their wife is happy”. The teacher smile “please, go back to the village again”

In the village, the student see for longer duration and detailed observation. When the farmer and fisherman go to work, they look very happy, because there is a hope seing a calm water and weather, but when they see a big wave they become worried again. Up and down. However their wife feel worry everytime, because they have no control on what happened with their husband.

The student going back to school with this observation and said to his teacher “I see that a sense of control is true happines, one might complain all the day, might do nothing all the day. But none of this become indicator of happiness. But as long as he could manage it, that’s true happines”.

The teacher smile again told his student “can you told them to have this kind of advice? this will make them happier right? if they know this wisdom?”. The student say “what for? before I came, they already know about their feeling (happy, sad, angry) I can not change it. Before I came they already know about their life (what they like, what is their priority, whether they like planning or go show, whether they like to talk to each other or to complaint in the food stall. I respect their life and I will not change anything”

The teacher smile brighter now, and he said “Well, but you are a student of wisdom school. You supposed to teach them the better life, thats your purpose right?”. “No, my reason to study is to understand and my purpose is no difference with them, is to life”. The teacher smile, a bigger smile.

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April 12, 2015 at 8:16 am

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What is one of biggest problem in Indonesia nowadays? if you ask your neighbor or uncle? they would say employment. They said that it is very difficult to get an employment today. Unless you are graduated from very best university. But if you are only high school graduate, or not so special university, they will say: it is very difficult to get a job.

Develop country problem:
Sustainability (Energy, Water, Waste, Transport, Efficiency, Environment)

Developing country problem: growth
Population: Poverty, Unemployment, Education, Health: Need control
Infrastructure: Transport, industry: Need money

What could go wrong: Crisis
Physical Crisis (War)? most unlikely
Financial Crisis? most likely, someone speculating might loose.

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March 29, 2015 at 2:54 am

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Jakarta vs London, which transportation system is better?

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London has underground tube, bus, bycycle, nice neon sign transportation. Jakarta has world worst traffic (Castrol said this), Shell also said similar statement about emission. So by any measurement, technical I mean, seems London is better than Jakarta. Are you agree with this? Well I am not totally agree, why?

From transportation point of view, the best method for transportation is not the fastest. That’s why here, in UK and US, there is no bullet speed train.So transportation is not competition which one is fastest, if you want to know which one is faster, then you can go to racing.

Transportation is not the most convenient, Transportation does not mean that we can listen our favorite sound system in car, have a up to us route and schedule. Thats why here in London, if you want to have convenience, you get taxi/cab, cab is very very expensive.

So transportation to be exact? Transportation is how the public transportation is used, prioritized and maximize.

When I choose motorcycle commuting for the reason of speed and convenient, it was inappropriate decision. Because private motorcycle is not public transportation. Private car also the same, is not public transportation.

By using private transportation, then we are part of problem. Part of why Jakarta become worst traffic in the world. So, if we want Jakarta to be a better City from London, in terms of transportation. Just use public transportation now, reduce the use of private transportation for commuting. And we will see a better Jakarta.

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March 29, 2015 at 2:53 am

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