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Comparison of Top 10 Environment Risk of Renewable Energy based on Scopus/Google

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Scopus Keyword: Environment Risk Renewable (154-27 citation)
Comments: Result is narrowed, easy to navigate, keyword modification is easy and powerful
1. Energy Resources and Global Development
2. Distributed energy resources and benefits to the environment
3. Identification of optimal strategies for energy management systems planning under multiple uncertainties
4. Portfolio-Based Electricity Generation Planning: Policy Implications For Renewables And Energy Security
5. Environmental factors in woodfuel production: Opportunities, risks, and criteria and indicators for sustainable practices
6. Effects of climate change on the built environment
7. Application of technology roadmaps for renewable energy sector
8. Analyzing policy support instruments and regulatory risk factors for wind energy deployment—A developers’ perspective
9. Renewable energy investment by the World Bank
10. Environmental assessment of a territory: An overview of existing tools and methods

Google Keyword: Environment Risk Renewable (1176-22 citation)
Comments: Results is wide from various sources (book, article, old paper)
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Scopus reference:
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Undergraduate vs Phd is equal to Industry vs Academia

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Undergraduate thesis/project is similar with what the actual real life industry produce. As computer science graduated, I am to implement something based on my knowledge in undergraduate program. For example in my undergraduate, I am able to make some web application using Protege or PHP, or in another case I am able to perform review based on COBIT/ISO.

If an expert in industry, having practical experience of decade of doing something should compete with a veteran in academia producing number of journal should fight in the battle, there would be like comparing apple to orange. It is different.

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Redefining the Content of Education

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In my opinion, why schools in UK is better than Indonesia is from the technical aspects such as no fee, no administration/registration and the proximity of location. However in term of content I believe that would be a big debate on how should the school is operated. Whether should we have discipline/corporate punishment style or we should let them has their own imagination and develop creativity.

We can choose between 100% discipline, 100% creative or 50:50%. Some school in my opinion like SMATN has 100% discipline approach by saying the mantra of “disiplin menumbuh kembangkan kreativitas” but some others like De Brito I think would prefer 100% Creativity approach.

At this moment if I see the result on which approach that better. Both of them is works. I see some successful 100% discipline style and other 100% creative style of management.

However, as parent. I think it is important to understand what is our children behavior and history. Our task is to help them reach a better life by preparing them not providing them with something. They should be able to independent.

A nice opinion from Guardian.
Our schools should be less like Singapore and more like Silicon Valley

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Human is Rational

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Human is rational being. Just like leaf cutter ant who able to organize their colony to survive or how a lion manage his group. Human able to think complex and solve multidimensional problem. However this advance thinking also has side effect that human create a consciousness and develop feeling. Things that sometimes called as irrational.

Business for example, I have met some of successful business man that said the recipe of his success is luck or things that can not be explained. From superstition to gift grom Unexplainable.

Well, he is right. World is very complex. The only thing we can do is to survive.

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What the most Important and What is our Plan

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Value is what the most important
It is about sustainability: growth & efficiency. In corporate world, their value is profit. In family, value can be frugal (efficiency), hardwork (growth), always helpful (sustainability). Value can be different to be interpreted. Such as a person might be very relax (sustainability) or can be very ambitious (growth) which an ambitious person expecting a sustainable ending.

Consumer value is what the most important for customer (other)
Similar to corporation which focussing on profit. Customer is looking for biggest benefit. It can be from the core product (cheap price, good quality) or it can be intangible side such as experience and lifestyle or everything that has ‘sex sells’ concept. For other (family/friend/other) what most important for them it’s just can be respect or love.

Strategy is a plan
A plan can be breakdown by a what we want to be (vision / goal), how to measure (objective) and how to achieve (initiative).

Proposition is an offering
Offering a healthy lifestyle is promoted by sport company, no longer quality/design
Offering a fun lifestyle is promoted by coca cola, no longer taste
A small company will never be able to compete in the same offering, although their product is 100% same (except the logo).

What does it mean?
Big 4 Firm is providing the same audit or advisory services with other firm. But their offering is totally different. Big 4 is offering a wide network, a set of expertiese, a history, an experience. That is why it has different branding, different strategy. Is it good or bad? from corporate point of view is very good. It sustain (more than 170 years business)

What does it mean for family?
A poor family can focus on growth in order to have sustainable in future, some of them success. A rich family can focus on conflict prevention, some of them success. But some of them using the same approach might be fail. The most important is to understand our real situation, make rational move and keep challenging the move. Again, some of them prefer love or respect or happiness for their value. Nothing special, we are the same, our brain works the same way.

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Manajer dan Gaya Manajemen: Tidak ada Benar atau Salah

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Waktu bapak saya dulu bekerja di pabrik. Posisi tertinggi di perusahaannya adalah manajer. Manajer adalah posisi level menengah dimana banyak orang mengatakan bahwa ini adalah posisi yang tergencet atas bawah. Ditekan oleh atasan tapi juga harus bisa menggerakkan bawahannya.

Lalu bagaimana indikator manajer yang berhasil?

1. Bisa menjalankan tugas yang diberikan oleh pimpinan. Tujuannya tercapai.
Misalnya pimpinan menyuruh di manajer untuk membuat jembatan. Maka dia harus bisa mengorganize orang-orang dibawahnya untuk mengaduk pasir, menyusun batu dan memplesternya. Manajer itu dibilang berhasil, kalau jembatannya berhasil dibangun.

2. Prosesnya efisien.
Manajer yang berhasil itu bisa mengerjakan tugasnya secara cepat, secara efisien

3. Prosesnya sustain.
Kalau manajer itu setiap hari marah-marah, tapi anak buahnya menjadi taat dan kreatif. Maka marah-marah itu sustain. Kalau manajer itu ga pernah ada dikantor dan selalu ngilang, tapi anak buahnya taat dan pekerjaan selesai, itu namanya berkesinambungan.

Indikator 1 dan 2 itu jelas dan terukur. Namun indikator ketiga ini berbeda-beda satu sama lain. Maka dari itu gaya manajer satu dan yang lainnya bisa sangat berbeda, namun meskipun berbeda, kedua-duanya bisa saja benar.

Namun gaya apapun ada batasannya. Batasannya adalah tujuan dari perusahaan itu. Kalau ada manajer yang menginstruksikan anak buahnya untuk tidak perlu absen, sementara di perusahaan itu mengharuskan absen, maka manajer harus mengikuti instruksi perusahaan dan mewajibkan absen. Bila harus ada kompromi maka biasanya akan lebih mudah jika level pimpinan melakukan revisi.

Nah kedepannya, meskipun gaya manajer itu berbeda satu sama lain. Di tingkat perusahaan pelan-pelan dilakukan standarisasi, tujuannya adalah untuk efisiensi, kembali ke indikator nomor 2 tadi.

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Prisoner dilemma, Manajemen dan Realita Indonesia

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Sepertinya (paling tidak kalau dari isi koran) melihat kondisi Indonesia kok isinya mbulet terus ya. Seperti cyclic, lingkaran yang ga ada habis habisnya. Secara matematis ini disebut Prisoner Dilemmma. Artinya kondisi orang sama sama berpikir rational namun malah hasilnya menjadi negatif, menjadi mundur. Kalau semua diam malah bisa menjadi lebih baik.

Tapi tunggu dulu, kondisi seperti ini sebenarnya tidak hanya terjadi di Indonesia, tapi juga disemua perusahaan, di semua negara dan bahkan di organisasi sekecil rumah tangga. Gara gara berpikir sama sama rational malah jadi kontra produktif.

Nah solusinya seperti apa? Kalau lebih lanjut sebenarnya ada Nash Equilibrium. Dimana masing masing pihak harus diyakinkan untuk sama sama tutup mulut. Tapi masalahnya kondisi equal equilibrium ini sangat sulit didapatkan direalita.

Secara umum, solusi dari kondisi ini adalah menyakinkan semua pihak untuk sama sama bekerja untuk kepentingan bersama.

“…That no player has anything to gain by changing strategy alone. They must do it together with others to gain on the strategy shift…”

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