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Indonesian Dream: Education

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I will recheck the statistic later

1. Working population: 100 mil
2. New working population: 10 mil?
3. New graduate: 1 mil? (New graduate unemployment: 400thousnd? 20%?)
4. Total XL Engineer: 700
5. New XL Engineer: 10
6. Total XL subscriber: 50 mil, ARPU 30rb
7. Population with less 2USD/day: 100mil

What does it means? It means that Indonesian dream is written far in our childhood. In the primary school. When Indonesian achieve good primary school, they will get better high school, and when they perform better in high school, they will excel in the university level. Get a proper job, get respect and thats where the Indonesian dream come true.

Indonesia is meritocratic country.

Source: World Bank: Sistem Pendidikan Kita

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October 5, 2015 at 3:00 pm

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Indonesian Dream: Family

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When I was in my high school, an age around 13-20 years old in 1990s, Indonesian dream is simple. My father would like me to work with national oil company and my mother want me to work as civil servant.

Fast forward two decades afterward after 1997 crisis and new democracy era, I believe that what so called Indonesian dream is still the same:

1. “Work for a family, a family that will protect us, a family that we get something from and give something for”

2. “Family that we need a respect of, a family that strong, a family that everything. Most likely government”

Well reality check, with the role of state own business which estimate around 40% of our GDP, and domestic economy which is is far bigger. Its mean that what our teacher in the past said that “to be a person that give benefit to country as important doctrine” is always right.

So when my boss told me to find the opportunity, I would say that the first part in finding the opportunity is to give. Give opportunity to other. And the second step is simply to ask.

This collectivism spirit is compatible with the spiritual spirit of Indonesian people. The true Indonesian people know about this: Family.

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October 5, 2015 at 2:29 pm

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Indonesia 2005-2025: The Great Escape

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Managing country is not easy, a company might be planned using 5 years period, while a country require at least 20 years of period. We need a plan. In the past, we have build GBHN as Indonesia’s national plan, it used as basis of what a country need to do for more than 3 decades 1969-1998, if we see what Indonesia have achieved for the duration of 3 decades, it is amazing, with centralized leadership, it might achieve all the dream that planned long time ago.

But now, this era is different. With democracy, we reset all the plan, starting 2005, we have SPPN and RPJP as our guideline from 2005-2025, a 20 years period. And we are now, in the most stable period of the leadership. A second decade.

We will never know what happened in next 10 years, is still a mystery. But we need to live in present, even we need to have projection far in the future.

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October 5, 2015 at 5:14 am

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Clean Energy: Indonesia

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Indonesia is developing country, a third largest democratic country in the world with 200 million population. It has diverse natural resources but half of population is lives under $2 per day. Infrastructure as a common problem in developing country can be a bridge to minimize the gap.

Clean energy is important theme, its not only solution in the remote, off grid electricity access, but it also help the economy grow. And there are a lot of thing that can be done with this theme:

1. Efficiency of Energy
2. Planning
3. Financing (Green) > Enhance banking risk management skill, increase bank portfolio
4. Interconnection
5. Low Emission
6. Renewable Project

To achieve this, some of skills that required are:
1. Policy
2. Execution (Project Management)
3. Competency & Capacity Building

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Alpha Male: True or False

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Reference to Wolf might be different than Chimps, Bonobo or Capuchin. Human is complex. Selecting the best model to understand human behavior might be very challenging.

The mirror test of self awareness
Mind body problem is similar with (practical vs theory)

Animal self awareness
Animal self consciousness
Animal sentience
Animal sapience

Scientific Method:
How to support hypothesis
Important Factor in Measurement

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October 4, 2015 at 5:25 am

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Neuroeconomics: Lets stop this madness

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A study of behavior economic is getting more and more better. An interdisciplinary of problem solving by using computation, understanding of natural science help us to solve the world biggest mistery.

Camerer 2005, explain this neuroeconomics as new perspective. Beautiful.

Why we should use animal to study economic of decision making.

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October 3, 2015 at 10:42 am

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Indonesia: National Energy Plan vs National Energy Policy

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National Energy Plan is something that describe what we want (see), what we need, what we do

Component   Description
Vision To achieve “Kedaulatan Energi / Energy Sovereignty
Keberlanjutan Energi / Energy Sustainability
Ketahanan Energi / Energy Security:

Energy Availability

Kemandirian Energi / Self Sufficiency, Self Dependency, Self Reliance: Energy Supply Availability
Mission / To do Ensure supply, Optimization potential, Energy Accessibility, Environment
Tujuan / Goal / Objective Security of supply
Sasaran / Target / Object Supply of 400 MTOE in 2025, 1000 MTOE in 2050

Usage per capita of 1.4 TOE in 2025, 3.2 TOE in 2050

National energy policy is derivative of national energy plan, it is breakdown of things to do, in the detail program to do list.

Component Description
Kebijakan / Policy Availability, Prioritization, Usage, Reserve
Strategy Availability: Increase exploration & production
Prioritization: Energy balance (supply demand), Energy Accessibility
Usage: Energy characteristic (renewable, fossil, electricity usage specialization)
Reserve: Strategic, Supporting and Operational Reserve
Program List activity to do
Kelembagaan / Institution

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October 2, 2015 at 10:26 pm

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