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Why Master Degree: Master in Computer Science, in Management or MBA

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What is Master Degree (MS)
Master degree is an continuing education process that focus on practicallity. I assume, is not designed to ‘enrich’ your knowledge, compare to Bachelor Degree (BS), because the duration is only 1-2 year. And usually, it taken as parttime, both evening class or weekend. The cost of master degree is quite expensive, and supply and demand it’s interesting, because sometimes people analyze it on multidimension before decide to take the MS degree.

What is MS in Computer Science
Computer Science is study of Computing Science, it can be divided as Information System, Database, Operating System, Networking. However, MS in CS, trying to summarize what you have taken in 4 years of BS, into practical 1 year program. With the expectation that the MS can manage IS. As BS expectation you can be IS staff, or operate an IT Task e.g programmer, database admin, network engineer. The MS expectation is something sounds like IT Manager, IT Development Manager. Or something with title like Security Analyst or IT Risk Analyst.

What is MBA/MM
MBA is study of Business. Business consist of 4 element: Operating Management, Human Resources Management, Financial Management and Marketing Management. And same as MS in CS, the expectation of MBA is to be able to manage business. With expectation as HR Manager, Operation Manager, Finance Manager. And if it missed, the expectation is at least as Finance Analyst or something with Analyst title on it. Mid level, above the staff. Note, you can see the curriculum of MBA by comparing Harvard and Wharton.

So both of MS in CS and MBA expectation is to put you on one step ahead in term of career. That’s why the course is require you to have an working experience before. So you can compare between the reality of the work and the theory behind it. The reason you go to school is to know the theory, and the reason you go to work is to understand why the theory mentioning in the class is not working.

So, would I suggest people to go to MS. Of course if the reason is to move your career one step ahead, if you are an employee. And of course if the reason is to have more knowledge, if you are a fresh graduate. So understanding who you are and understanding the institution (university MS) expectation is important. And success can be defined by matching your and the university expectation.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 9, 2014 pada 8:07 am

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