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How important is energy/electricity in our life?

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What is energy?
Energy is ability to do work. So if we would like to do something, then we need an energy. If we want to work, we need to have breakfast first, we need to eat. Food is type of energy. If we want to go to somewhere we need an energy, if we travel by car, the car need an energy. Without energy, we are not able to do anything.

Historically, Food is type of energy, just like horse also type of energy. However in current practice, the word of energy would refer to production of energy (34% Oil, 25% Gas, 30% Coal, 5% Nuclear and 8% RE). And can be also refer to consumption of energy by usage (40% power plant electricity, 20% transport, 40% non electricity/transport e.g plant machinery) or by sector (such as: 12% Commercial, 51% Industry, 18% Residential and 20% for Transportation)

Ok, I got this, so Energy (Oil, Gas, Coal) is important, but how come electricity is important?
Like I mention before, 40% energy that we produce is to create electricity. If we say, that we cannot live without energy, that’s mean we cannot live without electricity. The second most important is for transportation which accounted for 20%. The rest is other then electricity generation/transport e.g you need electric to perform iron wielding or you need energy to run conveyor belt in factory.

So, if my parents, live in village, without any electricity and did not use fuel for transport, how much energy does he consume?
Well, maybe he still need an energy, let say to cook a food using biomass (wood/coal bricket). Or maybe he need to burn wood for heating during winter.

Ok, if I dont need electricty what could happened?
Well, assuming you still have that 20% for transportation. And then, you need to cover all your 80% need energy manually. For example, you can use your hand to clean the house, without need an vacuum cleaner. You can eat raw e.g fruit/vegetables. And lighting, if you able to manage lighting by using kerosene, that’s OK.

Well, I was born in 1980s, and do you know that at that time. We did not need that much energy compare for today. We only need a kerosene. To go to someplace, we can use public transport. But in 1990s everything changes, suddenly we need refrigerator and gas stove. Then in 2000s, we need Air Conditioning (AC) system. And suddenly everybody has a 2-3 motor cycle in their house. Well it’s because human to greedy.
Yeah you right, only within 20 years, everything changes so fast. It’s unplanned, market and people naturally change the energy consumption habit. And now, if we heard people campaign on energy saving do you think it will be work?

Ok, How about population
Yes, another problem. I remember in 1980 my teacher once said its around 150 mil, Indonesia population. And in 1980 become 180 mil, in 1990 become 200 mil. So simple, in 2030 will be 300 mil. Using this growth, then the oil will be run out faster than its prediction by 46 years.

Lets finish this conversation. I just start working in 2004, so its been 10 years now. 100 years ago is where the World War I begin, and there are a lot of think that you can not imagine or think will happened in tommorow. My deadline is next 2034, so I still have a 20 years, to understand this. All the economist are wrong.

Interesting, give me your opinion on futures
Well, I try. Need is mother of all invention. So, future will be positive. Will be something optimist. Something will be invented. Knowledge Kapitalism will play significant roles. If we children nowadays, no need to worry about the future. The one that to be worried is our self. Is not that in the 2020 something worse will be happened, humanity and society will crumbled? no, I think the one that need to be worry is us. Us, become older people. That’s for sure, I am in the process watching that thing happened.

Energy Production
World (512 Quad BTU/year): 34% Petroleum, 25% Gas, 30% Coal, 5% Nuclear, 8% Renewable
Indonesia: Coal 24%, Gas 20%, Oil 48%, RE 7%
Indonesia (PP5/2006): Coal 33%, Gas 30%, Oil 20%, RE 17% (Target 2025)
PP 5/2006 National Energy Mix

Energy Consumption
Current Electricty Sources
Indonesia: Coal 44%, Gas 21%, Oil 23%, Hydro 7%, GT 5%
World: 41% Coal, Gas 21%, Oil 4.8%, Hydro 15.8%, Nuclear 11,7%

Energy Risk Professional (ERP)
Petroleum 35%, Gas & Coal 25%, Electricty 25%, Renewable/Carbon Emissions 15%


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November 12, 2014 pada 2:23 pm

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