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Electricity in Indonesia: Highlight

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  • Capacity: 35GW (80% is in Java Island, Java Island Capacity/Peak: 27GW/23GW)
  • Annual Generation/Consumption: 172TWh/156TWh
  • Electrification Ratio: 73% (Java Island Electrification ~100%)
  • Electricity Source: 48% Coal, 22% Gas, 12% Oil, Hydro 11/7%
  • Electricity Subsidy: 4% from National Budget (noted Oil Subsidy 14%)
  • Electricity Provider: 85% State Own Company
  • Consumer: 41% Residential, 35% Industry, 18% Commercial
  • Subsidy Rate: 28.3% (3% of GDP)
  • Subsidy Benefit: 40% to the richest


  1. Supply and Demand. The demand of energy is always increasing, while the supply is limited, increasing population. (Economic Issues)
  2. Price of electricity, price is increasing, therefore need a subsidy. Impact to government budget (Policy Issues)
  3. Dependency on Fossil Fuel, Renewables is very small ~10% (Tech Issues)
  4. Distribution, 80% power plant in Java (Politic Issues, Regional Autonomy)
  5. National issues (energy security, green/clean energy awareness, industry, investment, image/branding)

Additional: Data availability & reliability Issues: the data seems inaccurate, don’t expect detail level, of course calculation might be wrong. Even IEA said that to have accurate data is difficult

Key People
Prof. Harwin Saptoadi (Guru Besar UGM 2011, FT Energy)
Prof. Iwa Garniwa (Guru Besar UI 2009, FT Energy)



  • The famous Danish physicist Niels Bohr once humorously observed, “Predictions are very difficult, especially about the future.”

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November 15, 2014 pada 8:37 am

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