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Moneter vs Fiscal, Austerity vs Stimulus

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I don’t understand this, why there are so many things that I did not understand. There is a simple things that difficult to decide. There is always polarization of everything from Democracy vs Socialism, Mixed Economy vs Command Economy, Jokowi vs Non Jokowi.

So work as lecturer or consultant?
Become career woman or house wife?
Live in big city or small city?
Buy a house or buy a car first?

You can’t have everything. You need to choose. You need to choose and work it out.

To reduce weight for example, you need to choose between exercise everyday or reduce the food intake. I have been in a situation that I can reduce my weight by exercise everyday. And I also can reduce by reduce food intake. Both of option can be worked. And we should not confuse if we found that two options, it’s never be a contradiction.

Options is not a contradiction. Polarization is the root of problem of everything we face. And the foundation of polarization is politics. Is someone want something. Someone that greedily want something.

Is not about the democracy vs socialism. Both of them can succeed or can fail. The question is are you willing to make a change or not.

Forget about jargon
Can you?

No, its politic first. decide first.
That’s why I understand now. Politic is most important factor. Once you have a strong position then no need a jargon anymore.
Forget the jargon, don’t let the jargon dictate you.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 25, 2014 pada 1:46 pm

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