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Sensors and Actuators, A history of endless possibility

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Lets begin with latest jargon and trend: Internet of Things (IOT), M2M, Smart Grid. But what’s more important is what the basic fundamental concept behind the jargon. Things that used to develop the previous jargon. It’s called a transducer. And it’s using a basic law of thermodynamics.

  • Transducer: Device that converts one form of energy to another form of energy
  • Actuator: Transducer that accepts energy (eletric, hydraulic, pneumatic) and produces the kinetic energy of movement (action/motion). Eg Electric Motor, Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Sensor: Transducer whose purpose is to sense (that is, to detect) some characteristic of its environ. Used to detect a parameter in one form and report it in another form of energy
  • Combination Transducer: Detect and create action. Eg Antenna

Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Februari 28, 2015 pada 8:05 pm

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