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Energy, a story from my live

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1. What is energy?
Energy is electricity, transportation, industry, consumer
Energy is economy, expensive, cost of exploration, extraction, exploitation, cost to environment

2. Is it energy business profitable?
Electricity is a very competitive business
Profit Margin of Big Six (Centrica 1%, EON 7%, EDC -1%, RWE 5%, SP 7%, SSE 5% [1] [3]
Based on Yahoo Business is about 8-10% [2]

All energy business is very competitive business
Exxon 7%, Shell 4%, Duke Energy 1.7%, Haliburton 10%, Toyota 8%, Microsoft 22%, Apple 24% [4]

3. How big is the money?
There are 3600 rig in the world, 1800 in US.
Per day we are producing 89 mil barrel (11 mil in Saudi, 11 mil in US, <800K Indonesia)

4. Onshore vs Offshore?
2:1 Onshore producing more oil
search oil onshore vs offshore (so many resources here)

5. Cost to produce for Oil? it’s very competitive
Onshore Middle East $25, Deepwater $52, Shale Gas $65, WTI Crude Oil $50

6. Productivity per well
40-500 barrel per well?

7. Capex
4-15 million per well or $574/foot depth (
Cost to produce (

8. How much coal/gas required to generate electricity



Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 12, 2015 pada 11:50 am

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