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As a risk consultant, works for risk consulting company ehm ehm. A risk is two side of the coin. In one side it represent an opportunity but in the other side represent a threat. In one side represent a strength but in the other side represent weakness. One would say that risk is a possibility, it still uncertain whether it will be gain or loss. Some says, that risk is prospect, a hope. So, I would say the biggest risk in Indonesia as follows:

1. Globalization Risk: A labor intensive, domestic consumption, developing country
Composition Agri/Industry/Services: Value 14:46:40, Labour 39:13:48, Trade/Domestic 24:56
Risk: Dependency to China/Japan/US, Currency Volatility 15.98%
Opportunity: Growth, solid domestic economy

2. Economic Risk: A populous and resourceful country
Weakness: Lack of infrastructure, Lack of specialization
Strength: Abundant natural resources, Large market base, Low investment

3. Political Risk: A rich culture diversity and democracy country
Weakness: Conflict, Corruption, Bureaucracy, Reluctant to change
Strength: Calculated, Conservative Government, Freedom

4. Financial Risk: A consumptive country
Weakness: GDP Growth 5.01%, Inflation 6.29, Interest 7.5%
Strength: Gov Budget, Debt/GDP, Current Account, Solid Fiscal, Low Debt



Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 14, 2015 pada 11:09 am

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