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Indonesia Economy

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1. Indonesia is a Rich and Poor
Its 4th largest population (250 mil) a $800s thousand GDP (rank 16th), but a poor $3500 GDP (rank 115th)

2. Indonesia is Agrarian Society
Indonesia economy is mainly from Agriculture 17%, Industry 47% and Services 38%, we are developing country. A develop country have larger portion in services sector. Let say US, EU and Japan with Agri 1%, Industry 20% and Services 70%.

3. Indonesia is Natural Resources
10% of our GDP is from it. So we have like 40% from Coal, 30% Oil, 16% Mineral, 8% Gas and 6% Forest. A develop country does not have (or very small portion) a natural resources.

4. Indonesia is Commodity Product based Export
From export composition, Mining 35%, Manufacturing 25%, Tourism 15%, Agri 2%. That’s why Indonesia never export any agriculture product, because mainly production is consume domestically. So what is 35% mining? its from Coal 12%, Petroleum Gas 9%, Crude 6%, Other Petrol & Metal 7%

5. Indonesia is a State Owned Enterprise (SOE) Plays Important Roles
40% of GDP is from SOE (Indonesia Ministry SOE)

6. Indonesia is low investment
FDI Inflows 2.5% of GDP

Others indicators that quite the same with other country
Tax Contribution to GDP 15%
GDP Composition by end use, Household 56%, Government 9%, Investment 32%. GDP Composition by trade 23%


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Maret 17, 2015 pada 1:55 pm

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