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April (5)
2015/04/18 The fate of nation: Non Aligned Movement in Indonesia
2015/04/18 Lesson in every journey
2015/04/18 Why we need to do what we love
2015/04/17 Who is the happiest person in the earth?
2015/04/12 A journey of peace

March (25)
2015/03/29 Unemployment
2015/03/29 Jakarta vs London, which transportation system is better?
2015/03/29 Color, Harmony and Character
2015/03/29 Education is questioning, critical thinking
2015/03/29 Indonesia Brain Drain: Is it a real? or just a myth?
2015/03/29 Fuel
2015/03/29 Hidrocarbon and Chemical Industry
2015/03/29 Economy from behaviour perspective
2015/03/29 Explosive Material
2015/03/21 We live in simple world, and it should be simple
2015/03/21 What is culture, economy and technology
2015/03/21 Why I did not understand about economy
2015/03/18 The Importance of Investment: Foreign Direct Investment vs Domestic
2015/03/17 Indonesia Economy
2015/03/17 Never underestimate the ignorance
2015/03/17 Three level of language: messaging, mechanic and meaning
2015/03/17 The Myth of Globalization
2015/03/15 Indonesia Risk
2015/03/14 Enemy
2015/03/14 Who is Indonesian: a friend. A seven years old question
2015/03/12 Energy, a story from my live
2015/03/12 Electricity: A story to tell
2015/03/09 Why we need to innovate
2015/03/09 See things from different perspective
2015/03/09 Trust, #1 problem in ideation and creativity

February (9)
2015/02/28 Sensors and Actuators, A history of endless possibility
2015/02/28 Breathe and Be Pragmatic
2015/02/27 Residential Energy Scavenging System: Review, Design and Implementation
2015/02/23 Tambora 1815 Eruption
2015/02/22 A good presentation
2015/02/19 A lesson on how to learn and manage time
2015/02/16 On which scale and what condition
2015/02/15 Toward a 35,000 MW dream
2015/02/09 Life

January (9)
2015/01/25 Perspective on Strategy
2015/01/25 Poverty
2015/01/21 What is relation between belief, behaviour and society
2015/01/19 Society
2015/01/15 Comparison of Theory of Motivation
2015/01/15 Sociology
2015/01/06 Separation of Power
2015/01/05 Business Risk in Indonesia
2015/01/05 What is Risk?


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