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Understanding Writing Word Count and Industry Standard

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From industry point of view, to understand the industrial standard is very important. Basic measurement standard, width of bolt, screw is very important to make sure the supplier of component communicate in the same language, to ensure the customer able to use it, and to some degree this kind of standardization is a key that makes industry bigger. These also apply in the creative industry, especially with the writing and visual communication industry. There are a standard of movie duration, there are standard of book length, font, spacing and everything.

Let’s take the example in movie industry. A very short movie in BBC Cbeebies, might took only 5 minutes, a longer version for kids might be 10 minutes e.g SpongeBob, Teen Titan, or even longer version around 20 minutes e.g My Little Pony. And with that duration, the average advertising duration is defined, with around 30 seconds duration, the TV industry can sustain maintaining a 30 minutes programme with 10 minutes advertising.

A cinema industry also has strict standard, for example movie duration is 90 minutes, some very long and high budget movie can be up to 120 minutes. Music industry also the same with 3 minutes duration. This is a win-win solution for everyone, for the artist, for the TV industry for the advertising company and for the industry in general.

Writing industry also have the same standard, the length of article in news paper is starting with 700 word, or it is estimated with 2 pages of A4, using 12 point Times New Roman, and 1 inch margin (2.5 cm) and 1.5 spacing. This standard wording in Novel industry would be different, with 250 word per pages, and with 50,000 word in total it produce around 200 pages of a Novel paperback.

Academic industry also has the same pattern, number of word in assignment vary from 2000-2500 word for a single paper, so it might be around 5-7 pages. IEEE, because of smaller font size require maximum 4500 word or 4-6 pages, IEEE using 10 fonts and single spacing so around 1200 word per pages. For final thesis might be 40 pages or 16,000 word. Phd thesis might be 40,000 (science) and 80,000 (social) with around 150-200 pages. Maximum word sometimes restricted, but minimum would be depend on the subject of research.

As this is industry, I would like to quote that Penguin Paperbacks began publishing great novels for the cost of cigarettes. So to achieve a scale that and industry deliver it should be build on the two basic assumptions. First, it should have clear standard. With the standard, it should make the second basic assumptions, it should be very cheap enough to built it on the massive industrial scale

PS: 450 word, standard 1 page A4, 1 inch margin, 1.5 spacing and 12 font times


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 15, 2015 pada 5:33 am

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