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PLTU Batang: A 2000 MW Controversy

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To have a advance coal power plant, in the land that producing largest coal export in the world is … why not. But if reading the greenpeace report that would makes me try to see this from a different point of view.

Investment US$ 3,2 billion
Expected to start: 2018
Capacity: 2x1000MW
Tender Winner: Bhimasena Power Indonesia yang terdiri dari PT Adaro Energy (34 persen), J-Power (34 persen), dan Itochu (32 persen)
Technology: Clean-Coal Technology Ultra-Super Critical
Area: 226 Hektare

FIT: US$ 5,79 sen per kilowatt jam (kWh)
First public-private partnership (PPP) project
Risks in the project’s development would be covered by the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund, set up for government initiated infrastructure projects


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Mei 21, 2015 pada 6:37 pm

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