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LNG Security Research Strategy

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“Many factors determine gas vulnerability of an economy. Domestic production, gas efficiency usage, volume and sources of gas imports are very crucial in determining an economy’s vulnerability”
Indicators of security of natural gas supply in Asia, Helen Cabalu

Because of its abundance, clean burning properties and efficiency as a fuel for many purposes including automobile fuel and power generation, LNG is expected to play an increasingly important role in the natural gas industry and energy markets in the next several years
Current status and future projections of LNG demand and supplies: A global prospective

Asian LNG: where to from here and what role for Singapore?

While Southeast Asian countries have spent many years talking about the Trans-ASEAN gas pipeline project, LNG has emerged as the faster, simpler way to respond to the region’s growing need for gas, according to speakers at the Singapore International Energy Week on Monday.

The head of Malaysia’s Petronas – Asia’s largest LNG exporter – has dismissed the idea that Asia can successfully establish its own LNG trading hub, saying the region lacks the key elements needed for a hub and that traditional long-term, oil-linked contracts will remain the norm for the foreseeable future.

Indonesia Japan Snake and Ladder

Linking Natural Gas Markets – Is LNG Doing its Job?

Ministry of Energy & Mineral Resources on Balancing Indonesia’s LNG Exports & Domestic Demand
PT Pertamina on Future LNG Strategies & Focus in response to Indonesia’s New LNG Dynamics
PT Perta Arun Gas on Maintaining LNG Business Competency in Indonesia
PT PLN on Procuring LNG to Meet Indonesia’s Power Generation Needs
BP Indonesia on Tangguh LNG Expansion Plans


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Mei 28, 2015 pada 2:31 pm

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