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2015/05/30 Allergy, Science and Culture
2015/05/30 Energy Research Strategy, A Story to Tell
2015/05/30 Energy Scavenging Issues: Technology vs Commercial
2015/05/30 LNG Security Research Strategy
2015/05/28 Indonesia Japan Energy – Research Strategy
2015/05/28 Coal Research Strategy
2015/05/28 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Research Strategy
2015/05/28 Independent Power Producer – Research Strategy
2015/05/27 Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) puzzle: Infrastructure Dependency and Political Stability in Midstream Energy Sector
2015/05/26 Understanding infrastructure project, a bigger picture
2015/05/24 Dutch East Indies – Indonesia Infrastructure Love Story
2015/05/24 Education, Documentation and Writing
2015/05/22 Inkindo and Consultant Billing Rate 2015
2015/05/22 Energy, Sustainability and Public Policy
2015/05/22 35000 MW, A Plan to Double the Electricity Capacity
2015/05/21 Country, Infrastructure and a Choice
2015/05/21 PLTU Batang: A 2000 MW Controversy
2015/05/21 Singapore Smart Nation
2015/05/21 The true power of newspaper
2015/05/21 Why I am proud being Indonesian and Why I am not
2015/05/20 2014 Indonesia Economy and 2015 Prospect Infographic
2015/05/20 As systematic as possible
2015/05/20 What is the best way to measure progress
2015/05/19 Contractor Protection in Infrastructure Development
2015/05/19 Smart City based on Sustainability
2015/05/15 Understanding Writing Word Count and Industry Standard
2015/05/15 How Many Word You Need
2015/05/15 Portrait of Infrastructure Development in Indonesia
2015/05/13 Why Sustainable City is Important
2015/05/12 Useless Strategy
2015/05/06 Sustainable content
2015/05/06 Jokowi and the first wind turbine farm in Indonesia, 4 May 2015
2015/05/05 Is all about traffic jam
2015/05/05 Corruption: A trend, a cultural problem or a part of humanity
2015/05/05 Anjar Priandoyo Youtube Channel


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