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What is Research

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Research is systematic investigation into and study of materials and sources in order to establish facts and reach new conclusions. In other word research is the process to identify, investigate and design of some things.

Research and writing is closely related. In general, the purpose of writing is to communicate, it can communicate fact, opinion, story or anything. However, in academic writing things bit different.

The purpose of report is to communicate results. Which specifically scientific results, made with specific scientific methodology. You can write the entire explanation on how Photosintesis migth work, but it is not the research things, it is just like journalism. And it is different thing.

Giving an independent and neutral opinion
As an auditor, I have been trained to provided independent and neutral opinion, regarding some matters. But in fact, to provide the independent opinion is very difficult, because first, it will depend on who is our client, it because of the limitation of knowledge and resources. I believe it is not only in auditor as a profession but it also apply for medical doctor, appraisal or others profession.

So how about lecturer/academia/researcher.

Opini Kompas

Opini & Counter Opini Republika

Education vs Entertainment: Opinion
When an expert in engineering field, with decade of experience, and dozen of title, feeling stuck, and cannot solve a problem, let rephrase again: what’s wrong with our education? People might blame for this reasons:
1. It’s large scale, its industrialization of everything
2. It’s a level of complexity that we’ll never know (evolution, energy, environment, moral)
3. It’s a rise of mass media industry
(Arguments) 4. Politics makes development of science and technology delayed

Sensational (no one read your paper) 100 reasons not to postgradaute


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 20, 2015 pada 3:38 am

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