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Dosen vs Konsultan

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My wife is lecturer and I am consultant, both of us graduated from Gadjah Mada University in Computer Science. Both of us have a good mark, my wife is Cum Claude, I am average but one of earliest graduate in my batch. At the beginning both of us interested in Academia, writing a paper in national conference and dreaming to have scholarship in overseas. But making decision as young, immature and not so experience person is difficult.

Out of many option that we have we choose marriage as the most sane decision that we can have at that time, and time tell us that it was the best decision that we have. So in around 10 years, I have been working in 5 company mainly in international consulting service, has a couple of industry certification, have good industrial exposure and network. My wife almost the same, although bit technical, she become Oracle DBA, with an Oracle certification. The birth of our first children change our life, my wife decided to become academia, continue education and become full time lecturer.

So within 10 years timeframe, I made some conclusion, that both of academia vs industry is the same. Whether you decided to become lecturer/dosen or you want to be consultant working in private sector is the same. To be success in this sector, you need at least three things:

1. Do and complete your responsibility
If you are lecturer you need to teach, and if you consultant you need to provide recomendation, if you are administrator then you need to maintain the system, programmer need to code. Finish you job, solve your problem

2. Invest, Develop and Maintain Project
Project is things that generate revenue, to be successful consultant you need to have a project, not daily project but a project that is uncertain, with number of speculation and possible results. Let me get example, In my daily work, I was a project manager that helping client solve their project. But in the ‘project’ term, is how my company has initiative to be new leader in specific market segment, for example want to be a new player in clean energy consulting.

3. Sustainable Production on Research Report or Revenue Generation
A sustainable project might be written in couple of international journal paper SCIMAGOJR rating. Same with sustainable project will have a number of recurring client. A very important things in private for profit sector.

How about postgraduate degree and certification? well it is main requirement, no need to discuss about that.



Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juni 28, 2015 pada 10:36 am

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