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2015/06/30 Energy Scavenging ā€“ Engineering Literature Review
2015/06/30 There is nothing new and I know nothing
2015/06/29 Trust Me I Use Scopus
2015/06/29 Dosen vs Konsultan
2015/06/28 The Truth is, There is Nothing Special About Me.
2015/06/26 Begin with end
2015/06/25 Scale
2015/06/25 Ah environment, here we go
2015/06/25 Hard Science vs Soft Science
2015/06/25 Earth: Introduction
2015/06/25 Why every Indonesian need to read Jakarta Post
2015/06/22 Indonesian Youth: Identity Crisis Nowhere to Go
2015/06/22 What is Research
2015/06/20 The word public in electricity as public utility
2015/06/20 Palm Oil and Biofuel Future
2015/06/11 Rationalization and Measurement of Academic Productivity
2015/06/11 Industrial Application of Energy Scavenging
2015/06/10 Understanding Office Dynamics: Relationship of Resign and Emotional Balance
2015/06/10 Citation per Word: Industrialization of Academia
2015/06/03 Life, a Story to Tell
2015/06/02 Fear: A Reflection of Life
2015/06/02 Geopolitics of Energy in Asia Pacific: Food, Water, Energy
2015/06/02 When Small is the Best: 80,000 Word, 8 Chapter, 36 month
2015/06/01 Be Objective: Purpose of Education
2015/06/01 Governance and People: Why We Need it?


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