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The Missing Link in Education: Language

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What is the missing link between education and unemployment. How scientist would explain the relation that a Indonesian average lecturer who produce only a certain number of scientific paper compare to their peers in Vietnam or Thailand, will impact the quality of our education. Or is there any relation between payday and the load of lecturer and bearechratic process in our academic environment

Would better paper increase our education quality? Or the use of educational policy will help higher education ready to work in industry. Or because writing culture need a certain level of language mastery. I am not talking about english.

1. Messaging
UNESCO write in the report on the importance of language. The basic use of language to write, read

2. Mechanic: Rules
Language help us
Not documented not done
Do what we write and write we do
Understanding of regulation and law

3. Meaning: Critical Thinking
Lack of critical thinking might directly impacted with the use of violance and ignorance that our society shows right now.

Another things to be considered:
1. Vocational Education
Skill gaps in industries

2. Industry of Education and Education of Industry
Business process management: a missing link in business education


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Juli 1, 2015 pada 4:05 am

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