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Beauty of Language: Etymology

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I start to realize that Anthology (collection of poem) is translated into Bahasa Indonesia as Bunga Rampai. Bunga mean flower, which is the same as Anth or Anthos which is Greek language for flower. Etymology itself originated from Greek Etymon, meaning “true sense” and the suffix -logia, denoting “the study of”.

The origin of word is important, because is nowadays, media/politician/academia use word heavily for reasoning to programming. To have the same understanding, expand the perspective and to solve problem require a strong understanding about language.

Let see some example:
Economy: Greek: Oikos (rumah) and Nemein (manage)
Politics: Greek: Polites (citizen), polis (city)
Management: Latin: Manus (hand) and Agere (to act)
Engineer: Latin: Ingeniare (to contrive, devise) and Ingenium (cleverness)
Project: Latin: Projectum/Proicere (before an action/Planing)
Audit: Latin: Audire (hear): Oral examination
Consultant: Latin: Consultare (to discuss, to give advices)

See the beauty and it was from Greek/Latin word. So it is about history, and it is important language to explore Iliad, Odyssey, Greek New Testament and LXX


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Agustus 25, 2015 pada 12:13 pm

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