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Which age is the best for becoming leader

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Soekarno become president of Indonesia at age of 43, Soeharto at age of 44, Habibie at 62, Gusdur at 59, Megawati at 54, SBY at 55, Jokowi at 53. So which age is the best for becoming leader?

Age of 30
Soeharto at age of 34 experiencing sudden transition between Dutch to Japanese to Indonesian leadership 1945. Soekarno at age of 32 experiencing World great depression 1929 and Indonesia national awakening of 1928

Age of 40
But at age of 44, Jokowi is Mayor of Surakarta. SBY also made shift in age of 49 into political career. Megawati also the same at age 40 she become member of Parliament under PDI. Gusdur also the same at age of 44 is chairman of NU. Habibie also at age 40 become CEO of IPTN.

Soekarno/Soeharto is different things, the external factor that affecting their youth is different, it was on global level such as World War, Great Depression and major world transition. The result: they are having better opportunity.

What we can learn is on the second generation, it started also at global level including IT revolution, which can be traced with globalization. Habibie to Jokowi experiencing more stable environment. It means that they have some delay in their career progression. But the most important lesson is how they all consistent building something for period at minimum 10 years.

So on the first question, which age is the best for becoming a leader? well I would say that at least it takes 10 year minimum to reach that level. Taking speculation of more than 10 years is not easy. I am very proud of what our president have achieved. It is not easy. As long as you can handle the 10 year pressure, what ever your age is now, just add 10 and that would be the best age to becoming a leader.

How about US president?
Well to give some perspective, average age of us presidents at inauguration is 54 year. Assuming that US is more stable (well it has 44th president already), the youngest is 42 Roosevelt (because of assassination) and the oldest is Ronald Reagan at 69.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Agustus 29, 2015 pada 6:22 am

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