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2015/08/31 How to avoid overrated jargon and buzzword (bingo)
2015/08/31 Comparison of Top 10 Environment Risk of Renewable Energy based on Scopus/Google
2015/08/31 Undergraduate vs Phd is equal to Industry vs Academia
2015/08/31 Redefining the Content of Education
2015/08/31 Human is Rational
2015/08/31 What the most Important and What is our Plan
2015/08/31 Manajer dan Gaya Manajemen: Tidak ada Benar atau Salah
2015/08/30 Prisoner dilemma, Manajemen dan Realita Indonesia
2015/08/29 Rajin pangkal Pandai, Hemat pangkal Kaya
2015/08/29 Mengenal Manajemen Risiko
2015/08/29 Project Management Definition: Academia vs Industry
2015/08/29 Strategic Management: How to Cite? Use Rating System
2015/08/29 Big 4 Publishing
2015/08/29 Which age is the best for becoming leader
2015/08/29 We were Economist
2015/08/28 Economics is Too Important to be Left to Economists
2015/08/28 Indonesia Oil Reserve
2015/08/28 Potential Energy and Realization: Why it’s difficult to build it
2015/08/28 Story for Kids: Lazy Princess and Magical Bat Potion
2015/08/28 Story of Three Generation
2015/08/28 Batang Coal Power Plant Inauguration
2015/08/28 BI Rate: Financial Crisis is overrated?
2015/08/28 Everyday: Make it fun, really fun
2015/08/27 Cycle of Risk and Cycle of Opportunity
2015/08/26 Price: Thing that you can’t predict
2015/08/26 I wish Indonesia has Better Relationship with the World (Australia)
2015/08/26 Dichotomy Strategy: When The World is Divided by Two
2015/08/26 China: Why We Can’t Predict the Crisis
2015/08/25 Energy Environment Economics: Climate Risk
2015/08/25 Beauty of Language: Etymology
2015/08/25 Fluency as Native
2015/08/25 History of Cost Benefit Analysis
2015/08/25 Indonesia in One Chart by Economist: Tiger, Tiger, Almost Bright
2015/08/25 Indonesian Banking Survey 2015: Flashback
2015/08/25 How to be an Economist
2015/08/25 Economy is about forecasting; and Risk is an integral part
2015/08/25 What we should do with Coal
2015/08/25 Renewable Energy Risk Management: Risk
2015/08/25 Waiting is Always an Effective Strategy, It Can be Used for Both Best and Worst Option
2015/08/23 100 tahun Indonesia: Ekonomi
2015/08/21 Hasil karya apa yang bisa kita buat dalam waktu 30 tahun
2015/08/21 11 tahun menulis 33 tahun berkarya
2015/08/21 Crisis Readiness on Unsustainable Future
2015/08/21 Of course its manipulated, so how could you explained this
2015/08/21 Overthinking
2015/08/21 Economy Forecast
2015/08/21 What momentum that we miss
2015/08/20 Consultant and Consulting Industry
2015/08/20 Audit, Risk, Project: Beauty of Language
2015/08/20 Financial Institution and Risk Management
2015/08/20 Overthinking, anxiety and self esteem
2015/08/18 Beauty of Language
2015/08/18 Do we need to be smart in everyday conversation?
2015/08/18 Risk Taking Leadership
2015/08/17 Berani Sederhana Tangguh – Courage Humble Persistent
2015/08/17 Conclusion: Will to Power
2015/08/16 The Beauty of Language
2015/08/14 Afraid, Scared, Frightened
2015/08/14 Select How to Live
2015/08/13 There is no such thing as professional
2015/08/12 How to fill life
2015/08/12 Life
2015/08/12 Disadvantage of Routinely Writing
2015/08/12 Conclusion: Be careful with the word
2015/08/12 The purpose of notebook
2015/08/11 Yasmin: Manusia Super Rasa Jagung
2015/08/08 Angka:
2015/08/06 Yasmin: Satu Delapan Tiga Tujuh
2015/08/05 Sarmin: Jangan Tanya Sama Dia
2015/08/04 Sarmin: Dua Hari Tiga Dukun
2015/08/04 Sarmin: Doa dari Bilik Warnet
2015/08/03 Keep Writing
2015/08/03 Honest, Transparent and Objective


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