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Summary: Energy is rational decision

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Ah, Finally, a summary.

After studying, finally I can make a conclusion (as of today) that things is created with a purpose. There is a reason that we are depending on fossil fuel, because it is rational decision that we are using fuel. Fossil fuel is cheap, abundant and fit for purpose. For car the best way is fossil fuel, for heating the best way is gas, for power plant the cheap one is coal. Nothing wrong with it.

However, we start to realize that we will run out fossil fuel, so gradually we need to change into renewable, it is a must. And when the time comes, everybody must ready to switch into renewable energy. So when the best time to switch? it is a very difficult question.

This difficult because we need to ensure that the people want to change. Which is the most difficult, since basically people would not change.

What a researcher can do at this moment is to predict, to analyze and to calculate in the most accurate calculation and tell the truth to public. Telling the truth should be telling the real truth, not telling the agenda that we want to achieve based on the things we know.



Piezoelectricity, PZT Crystal Renewable 1: Wind, Solar, Biomas Renewable 2: Hydro, GeoT Electrified of everything (Transport, Heat) Fossil Fuel Transportation Nuclear (Explosive Device / Thermal Power Plant)
Energy Density Spatial dimension, energy generated per area Low – High Low Low, Geographic Limitation High High Very High
Capacity Factor Time dimension, energy generated per time Very Low, depend on human/vehicle Low, 15-35% High High High, can be up to 90% Very High
Energy Efficiency Technology dimension. Conversion, mechanical (e.g torque vs speed) Very Low, process is inefficient Medium-High High High High Very High
Conclusion Chemical Limitation, Material/ Crystal easy to be broken Expensive Geographic Limitation Expensive, Chemical Limitation, Lithium Cheap, Non Renewable High Risk

Energy Density (Cook-Chennault, 2008)


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 2, 2015 pada 6:21 pm

Ditulis dalam Science

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