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A journey of present life

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When something does not work. It is always tempting to think how to make it work.

When we are hungry, we did not think what make us hungry. It automatically making our foot walk to kitchen or grab something in the fridge.

When we think about something, when we have idea of something, it is all a glimpse that never going to work.

Engineering always has the answer. Its efficiency first and capacity factor as the second.

It remind me when the best time I have a very best momen of story telling. It is always the one that I did not very well prepared, but it was the one that computed at execution level, at the speed of thought.

An artist is become an artist for this reason. Media might choose him, but media might failed. Its a well perfectly harmony that work. A symphony that we never heard before. Its a perfect life.

Lets have a break. Plug out our mobile phone and discover amazing journey of life. A journey of present life.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 11, 2015 pada 6:53 pm

Ditulis dalam Management

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