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Honesty and Ethical Standards

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Some professions is well have a bad image. But bad image is because of reason. Some professions tend to use white lie for their interest. As we can see the low rating group of profession (<30% rating) is mainly business man.

So what does it mean:
1. If you want (have a very fast) to success in this field, you need to learn to lie.

2. Degree of lie is vary. From simple lie (I can do it) to bigger lie (I am the best that can do it) to manipulation (we know it, we need it)

3. The biggest game is not between liar and their victim. The biggest game is between the liar. Which mean internal conflict is high. You never see nurse backstabbing right.

4. To win this. The best weapon is self suicide. People making mistake, which created by themself. The one that be effective killer is theirself. Which caused by unnecessary moves.

80% medic
60% lecturer
30% lawyer, bank manager
20% business executive
10% pure sales: car, house, ads, politician


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 13, 2015 pada 11:52 pm

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