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How Strategic Consultant Live in Present

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When the premise is “past and future is illussion”. How, we a consultant which main day to day job provide conceptualization on some abstract things get the benefit or (realistically) be able to aligned and able to adjust with reality.

Having an ‘advance’ mind with critical review capability is not a benefit, it can be perceived as burden and obstacle.

So how to deal with this drama:

1. An awareness of concept of time. Time is duration. Future mean an impact of decision that made in present. Past is story that (sometimes) can be explained. When you need to wait for certain hour you know the consequences.

2. Mind can not be entertained by mind. In a situation that we are standing on the bus stop, to wait the bus arrived, we need to learn the art of waiting (which) technically can be done. The art of doing nothing is beautiful.

3. Creativity is paid. We can describe where are we, who is the people near us, what we are doing here (e.g waiting bus), do we have option (no, cheaper and better wait) and begin a conversation.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 13, 2015 pada 6:13 am

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