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Who Killed the Salesman

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There are three person come into bus A, B, C, there are two seats available 01, 02.  A and B have seated. A and C have money (or something e.g ticket, public support). The objective of this problem is to have seat in bus.

The only way to win this game is coalition. With the following conditions:
1. A is the strongest (has money and seat)
2. B is status quo, second strongest
3. C is new player, the weak

The following scenario might happen:
1. If A is strong, C will be killed
2. If A is weak, A will try to kill B
    Which if
     1. If B is strong, B will try to kill C
     2. If B is weak, B will try to kill A
Thats lead to
1. If C is weak, C will be killed
2. If C is strong, C has less possibility

To win this game, here are some clues.
1. A can win the game, without any coalition
2. B and C only can win with coalition

In theory the result can be predicted. But in real life the result might be different. In behavioral management, the winner most likely C.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 14, 2015 pada 1:38 am

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