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Anatomy of Lie

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To be able to brainwash people, understanding anatomy of lie is very important concept.

1. Jargon/Made up word
Jargon is the first level in anatomy of lie. There is no something new under the sun. All the keyword that invented today, basically is the same old thing. Let say:
– Subprime mortgage
– Outsourcing
– Derivative Product

2. Contradiction/Juxtaposition/Contrast
The second level of lie is to create a contradiction. For example
– To be rich, we need to be generous to other. (Rich is making more, giving is making less)
– Carrot and Stick (Carrot is good, stick is bad)
Contradiction, is something that make us confuse.

3. Repetition
If something performed again and again. You know what is happen.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

September 16, 2015 pada 1:43 pm

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