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2015/09/30 Fish Mind: Smarter than we tought
2015/09/30 Always
2015/09/30 How is like to be 30s, a thirty something old guy
2015/09/29 What does discovery of water on mars means?
2015/09/29 Lion, Tiger, Wolf and Raven
2015/09/27 What we can learn from past?
2015/09/27 How ant build colony
2015/09/25 Intraguild Predation: Framework
2015/09/25 Natural Selection
2015/09/25 Compulsive and Impulsive
2015/09/25 Supply, Transform, Demand
2015/09/23 Refrain from and Submit to
2015/09/23 What is being smart means?
2015/09/21 Supercell is dead, man is live. Superman is dead, Organization is live.
2015/09/21 Risk: Mitigation vs Contingency
2015/09/21 Western Harmony and Eastern Achievement
2015/09/19 Simple Juxtaposition Model for Competition/Conflict Management
2015/09/16 Organization Competition Value Model
2015/09/16 Level Zero: 100% Control
2015/09/16 Anatomy of Lie
2015/09/16 Illussion of Management, Managing Likelihood and Criticality
2015/09/16 How to Win: Stop Trying
2015/09/14 How to Sell
2015/09/14 Who Killed the Salesman
2015/09/14 Honesty and Ethical Standards
2015/09/13 Contradictory Statements
2015/09/13 How Strategic Consultant Live in Present
2015/09/13 How to Live in Present and Still Getting Rich
2015/09/13 Neuroscience and Lean Management
2015/09/13 Free Will: A game of mind
2015/09/12 Consciousness, Perception Shifting and Which might work for me
2015/09/12 Surreal moment in life: hope
2015/09/12 A journey of present life
2015/09/11 Cerebrum, why some people is smart
2015/09/11 The Glimpse and Distractor
2015/09/11 Gojek: Another reason not ever try to predict the future
2015/09/11 What is Opportunity?
2015/09/11 RARE principles of happiness
2015/09/11 Probability Theory
2015/09/09 Lesson on Managing Team
2015/09/09 Renewable Energy Chart: Boom is over?
2015/09/09 The Importance of Industrial Standards: Traffic Flows/Vehicle Rate
2015/09/09 Life Hacking Principles
2015/09/09 Probability Theory, Bayes Theory and Relationship between Event
2015/09/09 Stage of Crisis, Risk and Stress Test
2015/09/08 Avoid Distractor: Jargon
2015/09/07 Selfish Gene: Individual vs Organization Behavior
2015/09/07 Time: Put Things in Perspective (as Individual)
2015/09/07 Time is the only thing that matter
2015/09/07 Prisoner’s Dilemma: Individuals (might) not Cooperate
2015/09/07 Game Theory: Social Interaction, Economy and Goal
2015/09/07 Rationalism: Have No Respect with the Strong and No Sympathy for the Poor
2015/09/03 Lets Create our own Economic Model: Equilibrium
2015/09/03 Human is Rational and We want to hack the System
2015/09/02 Electricity is future of energy, Environment is future of life and Economy is our crystal ball
2015/09/02 Summary: Energy is Harmony
2015/09/02 Summary: Energy is rational decision
2015/09/02 Tujuan: Memahami dan Mencari Solusi
2015/09/01 Apa tujuan kuliah mas?


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September 30, 2015 pada 11:30 pm

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