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Deterministic and the Barrier of Communication

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Majority of us believe in Deterministic. Expression such as “Soulmate, Wealth, Life is on God’s hand” is one of the example of this situation. But believe is on the deep level of interaction. We did not know what is people belief. It is on spiritual level, strongly embedded.

On the next upper level is feeling, such as like or dislike. Again we did not know others feeling. Even when we know, we often very difficult to change it. I hate brocolli and always hate it is an example.

Once they express the feeling through some action. There are a lot of barrier that make noise to interaction. Collectivism makes Aloof vs Symphatetic barrier poorly understood.

Like vs Dislike, Aloof vs Symphatetic Cuek vs Ga Enakan


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Oktober 1, 2015 pada 1:09 am

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