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Indonesia: National Energy Plan vs National Energy Policy

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National Energy Plan is something that describe what we want (see), what we need, what we do

Component   Description
Vision To achieve “Kedaulatan Energi / Energy Sovereignty
Keberlanjutan Energi / Energy Sustainability
Ketahanan Energi / Energy Security:

Energy Availability

Kemandirian Energi / Self Sufficiency, Self Dependency, Self Reliance: Energy Supply Availability
Mission / To do Ensure supply, Optimization potential, Energy Accessibility, Environment
Tujuan / Goal / Objective Security of supply
Sasaran / Target / Object Supply of 400 MTOE in 2025, 1000 MTOE in 2050

Usage per capita of 1.4 TOE in 2025, 3.2 TOE in 2050

National energy policy is derivative of national energy plan, it is breakdown of things to do, in the detail program to do list.

Component Description
Kebijakan / Policy Availability, Prioritization, Usage, Reserve
Strategy Availability: Increase exploration & production
Prioritization: Energy balance (supply demand), Energy Accessibility
Usage: Energy characteristic (renewable, fossil, electricity usage specialization)
Reserve: Strategic, Supporting and Operational Reserve
Program List activity to do
Kelembagaan / Institution

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