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Indonesia 2005-2025: The Great Escape

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Managing country is not easy, a company might be planned using 5 years period, while a country require at least 20 years of period. We need a plan. In the past, we have build GBHN as Indonesia’s national plan, it used as basis of what a country need to do for more than 3 decades 1969-1998, if we see what Indonesia have achieved for the duration of 3 decades, it is amazing, with centralized leadership, it might achieve all the dream that planned long time ago.

But now, this era is different. With democracy, we reset all the plan, starting 2005, we have SPPN and RPJP as our guideline from 2005-2025, a 20 years period. And we are now, in the most stable period of the leadership. A second decade.

We will never know what happened in next 10 years, is still a mystery. But we need to live in present, even we need to have projection far in the future.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Oktober 5, 2015 pada 5:14 am

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