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Asymmetrical Plan

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In life, sometimes we make a plan where the information is not complete. A manager should have sufficient information and objective before making an action. However in reality those asymmetrical condition where lack of information and clarity is make situation worse.

The key is to count

1. Target, what is the target
Its begin with time. For example, would like to be a manager in 8 years. By the time graduate at age 22, will be manager before 30. The most important element in this target is on the time. In 8 year, what can we do. However those 8 years, is part of 33 years plan, which are retired by age of 55. Having a performance at age of 40.

2. Scenario, when the execution made, what is the build scenario
There are several scenario on reaching manager level in 8 years. Whether its is linear, working in one company and follow the corporate ladder. Or jump/move into another company. Execution should be made according to bigger scenario.

3. Task, What task that should be completed
Task sometimes independent from the scenario. Marriage, Having a children is a task that in my opinion should be independent from the scenario.

4. Exercise, What exercise need to be made: scenario should be tested and exercised.
Some scenario might work, other scenario might be not working at all. Scenario need to be tested sometimes on daily or yearly basis.

Some exercise that need to be made: Speed, Speculation, Multitasking, Momentum


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Oktober 19, 2015 pada 4:52 am

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