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Living things characteristics: Reproduce?

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Living things are made of cells
Living things obtain and use energy
Living things grow and develop
Living things reproduce
Living things respond to their environment
Living things adapt to their environment

“The existence of a genome and the genetic code divides living organisms from nonliving matter.”

A virus is acellular (has no cell structure) and requires a living host to survive; it causes illness in its host, which causes an immune response. Bacteria are alive, while scientists are not yet sure if viruses are living or nonliving; in general, they are considered to be nonliving.

A different criterion for defining life would be the ability to move a genetic blueprint into future generations, thereby regenerating your likeness. In the second, more simplistic definition, viruses are definitely alive. They are undeniably the most efficient entities on this planet at propagating their genetic information.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

Oktober 22, 2015 pada 10:53 am

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