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Indonesia Total Primary Energy Supply in 2012 is 440 MTOE

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The first step in understanding energy economics is to understand the unit of measurement. Unit of measurement for things that different is difficult. For example milk measured in liter, because it sold in bottle, however fruit is measured in kilogram. In energy, each of energy stored in different form, energy might be stored in gas, liquid or solid. Each different state of matter makes it difficult to measure.

Here is the snapshot from IEA mention that around 400 MTOE of energy is produced in Indonesia. With the breakdown as below. However if you heard the news, media will tell differently, they rarely combine as total energy concept, but instead as single object, for example Oil in Per Day, Coal in Per Year.

Welcome to energy economics.

Coal mt 412
mtoe = 412 / 1.4 = 294

Oil mbopd 0.874
mbopy 319
mtoe = 319 / 7.4 = 43

Mtoey = 73

MCU 76 bcm

2011 skkmigas 8415 million standard cubic feet per day
cubic feet per year = 3 071 475 = 3 Tcf dry natural gas


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 1, 2015 pada 5:47 am

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