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Energy Planning: Environmental Impact of Clean Energy

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I am interested to explore this topic, related with energy planning. With planning you need to build certain scenario and find which scenario is the best. The best scenario is the scenario that has a low environmental impact.

Here is my thinking framework:

1. To build the best scenario, you need to know which scenario that provide the best, you also need to test that scenario.

2. The problem is, we did not know which scenario that might work, so we try to predict which one that might work. In this case we build hypothesis.

3. The hypothesis can be:
a. State of Economy: Where a country is developing, e.g need to achieve certain KPI (electrification, average blackout) the emission indicator might not motivated.

b. Geographical Condition: Where a country is geographically diverse

Aha, so far so good for today.

Energy Consumption, Income and Carbon Emissions
(Soytas, 2007)

The Effect of Renewable Energy Development on Carbon Emission Reduction (Abolhosseini, 2014)
1. Power generated by renewable energy sources has been able to affect carbon emission by displacing traditional capacity fueled through fossil fuels

2. Technological advances are able to decrease the costs of renewable energy technologies and energy efficiencies, thereby saving energy and reducing carbon emissions

3. Environmental tax applied by governments has a direct negative relation
to carbon emissions


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 2, 2015 pada 11:47 am

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