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Systematic Literature Review (SLR)

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Step 1 Google Keyword: How to do Systematic Literature Review
(Keele, 2007) 1584 citation
Keele, Staffs. “Guidelines for performing systematic literature reviews in software engineering.” Technical report, Ver. 2.3 EBSE Technical Report. EBSE. 2007.
Notes: Provide technical guidelines how to do systematic literature review

Step 2 Scholar Keyword: “Systematic Literature Review”
(Kitchenham, 2009) 626 citation
Kitchenham, Barbara, et al. “Systematic literature reviews in software engineering–a systematic literature review.” Information and software technology 51.1 (2009): 7-15.
Brereton, Pearl, et al. “Lessons from applying the systematic literature review process within the software engineering domain.” Journal of systems and software 80.4 (2007): 571-583.
Notes: Assess the impact of Systematic Literature Review

Step 3 Scopus Keyword: “Systematic Literature Review”
Result: (Selected on Physical Science: Computer Science, Environment, Energy)
(Ginieis, 2012) Cited 18 provide review on 1059 paper
(Procaccianti, 2012) Cited 1 provide review on 149 paper (26 final)
(Stechemesser, 2012) Cited 57 provide review on 129 Paper related

Ginieis, Matías, María-Victoria Sánchez-Rebull, and Fernando Campa-Planas. “The academic journal literature on air transport: Analysis using systematic literature review methodology.” Journal of Air Transport Management 19 (2012): 31-35.
Procaccianti, Giuseppe, Patricia Lago, and Stefano Bevini. “A systematic literature review on energy efficiency in cloud software architectures.” Sustainable Computing: Informatics and Systems (2014).
Stechemesser, Kristin, and Edeltraud Guenther. “Carbon accounting: a systematic literature review.” Journal of Cleaner Production 36 (2012): 17-38.

Keyword selection should be carefully selected and analysed prior to perform any addition or modification. All the result should be able to be repeatable.


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November 7, 2015 pada 12:49 pm

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