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Literature Review: Environmental impact of clean energy

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Study of impact of electricity generation into climate both long-lived carbon dioxide and short-lived ozone and aerosol precursors have been performed by various researcher (Shindell and Faluvegi, 2010). Environmental impact of electricity generation for near-term and long-term also has been performed (Shindell et al., 2012) (Sandén and Azar, 2005). Study that related factor that affecting CO2 from power sector in Indonesia also performed (Shrestha et al., 2009).

The study used LEAP (Long-range Energy Alternative Planning) an integrated energy-environment scenario analysis (Heaps, 2012). LEAP will be used to analyse the energy scenario and the environmental impact for near and long-term climate impact. To understand this study use literature review of LEAP research paper in SCOPUS.

This study identified a 108 paper that used LEAP as model or scenario tools. After sorting and filtering we select 44 papers. Papers that selected are based on number of citation relevancy with the topics.

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  • World Bank Group, 2014. World Development Indicators. World Bank Publications.

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November 9, 2015 pada 6:02 pm

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