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10 years using WordPress

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I have been using wordpress for more than 10 years, it is the most beautiful website tools available. The design and response is good, the function is good, and the most important thing, it is the most integrated repository on the internet that I can use. There was a time when wordpress is the most popular website in the world, and it can be used as social network, but after the trend is changing into short word (twitter) and image (instagram/path), the beauty of this website is still can be seen, and I love it.

And today, I found that wordpress has a Markdown feature, which basically a simple version of “mark up” of HTML and it was very beautiful. For example, in the recent writing, I usually refer to Guardian article which a simple article might have more than 100 character -thank to search engine optimization. This feature help me to focus on the content and see the beautiful result of my writing.

On the paper, I also found that zotero has a public library, so I made priandoyo zotero profile and start to share what I have found. I think it will be easier to share my citation collection as public folder. One of example that I can used is if I refer to article about Near-term Climate (Shindell et al, 2012) I can easily refer to my shindell record at zotero. And I can start focusing more on content and again see the beautiful result. Ah nice, thank you wordpress for making such great website.

1) Shindell et al., “Simultaneously Mitigating Near-Term Climate Change and Improving Human Health and Food Security.”


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 12, 2015 pada 6:03 am

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