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Electronics: Energy Scavenging From the Roads Infrastructure

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I write my master thesis entitled “Energy Scavenging from the Roads Infrastructure”. From research perspective my thesis is not original work -although significance and originality is highly subjective- but I can guarantee from integrity point of view the thesis is original. From content point of view, the methodology that used is similar with assessment of piezoelectric for road by California Energy Commission (Hill and Tong, 2013). Hill and Tong has 2 citation, because it was an assessment report where there is has no significance, originality and new knowledge criteria -sigh.

From literature review point of view, energy scavenging research trend is increasing. One of the paper that should be refer to is by Roundy et al. in 2003 and Paradiso et al. in 2005. A master thesis should refer for this paper as technical reference and combine with other reference such as business or management reference.

1) Hill, D., and N. Tong. “Assessment of piezoelectric materials for roadway energy harvesting.” California Energy Commission, CEC-500-2013-007 (2013).
2) Roundy, S., Wright, P.K., Rabaey, J. A study of low level vibrations as a power source for wireless sensor nodes (2003) Computer Communications, 26 (11), pp. 1131-1144. Cited 1259 times.
3) Paradiso, J.A., Starner, T. Energy scavenging for mobile and wireless electronics (2005) IEEE Pervasive Computing, 4 (1), pp. 18-27. Cited 1100 times.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 12, 2015 pada 10:24 am

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