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Why do we collect things: Digital data overload

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One of my friend, like to download many movies in her hard drive. Her habit is performed daily, so if you asking any kind of movie on her favorite you will find it. Well, mainly its Korean movie, but if you ask her whether she watch it, she will said that she only watch maybe around 30-40%. She said that the biggest satisfaction is when the download is completed. This satisfaction is can be explained from many perspective from pyschology to desire to collect as sign to search potential mates.

But having a desire to collect things, might be dangerous in real life/work situation. For example email collection, last time my email collection almost reach 20 GB for around 2 years. Previously I like to manage my email yearly, and my target is around 1-2 GB per year. The problem is when you feel that some email is important, and you don’t want to loose it. So as the size getting bigger, the problem to manage that collection is also become bigger.

In academic life, it is also dangerous to have overload information. And there is some point that in the middle of project, we need to decide to move some collection. The same thing as toy in your house, to more toy we have, we need to remove some old toys. For example in my MSc final report, I use 94 paper, it was from 244 paper in one year. Can you imagine all the paper collection that we have for the rest of our life – let say if we are researcher. Well I would say, that I will use my old approach at work. Make it per stage, per period of year.

We need to bravely, left something behind, and that what I have been doing for the rest of my life. never regret


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 12, 2015 pada 6:43 am

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