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Energy System Model – Word Count

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Studies on energy system model have been conducted to find the ideal model with focus from integration of renewable energy (Connolly, 2010) to developing country (Jebaraj, 2006)(Bhattacharyya, 2010). Studies indicating that each energy model available has each strength with different priorities which has wide scale from urban level to national implementation of emission reduction. Connolly (2010) perform review on 68 tools and Bhattacharyya on 10 tools indicating a demand to use energy model to plan and forecast future energy usage.

An energy system model can be defined as a system that has its own internally consistent rules on acquiring and using energy (Keirstead, 2012). By using that definition there are a number of energy model that can be used such as LEAP, TIMES and Energy plan. LEAP is one of energy model that widely used based on energy accounting approach and using supply-demand model.

The biggest challenge in literature review is to find relevance literature that can be used. This challenge caused by variation of keyword usage which leads to different result. My approach in searching a new term is by using focussed approach. First using google, wikipedia or popular article, after selected paper appear, which some paper is discovered by using different keyword. The last step is try to perform cleansing by searching final result using scopus. The selected paper should be based on citation count in scopus. Scopus that can be used is both based on citation or relevance. A term or a concept should be able to have one best reference.

For example Connoly (2010) paper is found originally by using “LEAP Literature Review” keyword, which is too specific. However with 507 Scholar citation, this paper might be very helpful in understanding the concept.

Scopus R: Energy System Tool Review, #4 Citation 318 (Connolly, 2010)
Scopus R: Energy Model Review, #14 Citation 210 (Jebaraj, 2006), #20 Citation 16 (Bhattacharyya)
Scopus R: Energy System Model, #16 Citation 16 (Bhattacharyya), #87 Citation 43 (Keirstead)

Performance Commentary:
Very slow, only achieve 145 word for duration 2.5 hour by using 4 paper. Currently I am still thinking on 200 word block, which around 2-3 paragraph, that my normal speed of single blog post that can be write in 5-10 minutes -if the idea is there. If referring to the 3 paper, 25,000 word/year standard, we will see a period that I can achieve effective 1000 word per day.

On overall performance, in W07 is not bad with significant keyword: LEAP, SLCP, Energy System Model, Indonesia Energy. The next post should be able to cover those individual keyword.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 13, 2015 pada 5:14 am

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