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Renewable Energy in Indonesia

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The relation of energy and environment have been studied to find which policy that suitable to be implemented (Omer, 2008) and (Dincer, 2000). A number of potential renewable energy also have been identified regarding future application. Studies also indicating the energy environment relation especially in developing countries require specific approach due to sustainability and other economic issues (Eric Martinot et al., 2002). In developing countries Martinot (2002) mention several transition renewable technologies that can be used such as Rural Residential Lighting using solar PV and Grid-based power production. Indonesia as one of world biggest renewable energy reserve in Geothermal and hydropower (International Energy Agency, 2014) need a suitable policy to reach the goal.

  • Dincer, I., 2000. Renewable energy and sustainable development: a crucial review. Renew. Sustain. Energy
  • Eric Martinot, Akanksha Chaurey, Debra Lew, José Roberto Moreira, Wamukonya, N., 2002. Renewable Energy Markets in Developing Countries. Annu. Rev. Energy Environ
  • Omer, A.M., 2008. Energy, environment and sustainable development. Renew. Sustain. Energy

When period data that should be use?
In November 2015, data available from IEA is from 2013, and from EIA is 2012. Data is three year in the past. By the time research is finish (2019) data is 7 years, if we use 2012 data. However it is said that in the data analysis, the availability data might reach to 7 years before data is ready to use. If we use data in 2010, it is already good. So If I use data in 2010 as base year, I can make several milestone such as 2006 Indonesia Energy Mix and 2011 Indonesia Greenhouse Gas Reduction.

Which source of data that should be use?
There is huge difference between research paper, data (data quality, data consistency, data availability e.g in case of electricity capacity), grey paper

114 word in two days, very very slow. Able to make simple writing based on 3 paper. Overall, well not bad, W07/M02 I have decided which data source that I should use, which paper that should be prioritized, and to critically choose the material that available. The next step should be able to re-Search, Read and re-Write. Write from research point of view require a time to be able to understand and use the skill effectivelly.


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November 14, 2015 pada 6:12 pm

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