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Climate Pollutant: Report

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Study the relation between energy and environment has been conducted intensively covering multidisciplinary aspect. Study also indicate that the amount of atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) has increased by 31% since 1750 (IPCC, 2001). Renewable energy is identified having big potential in mitigating the climate change (IPCC, 2011). The future world energy demand and trend also being identified to help finding which policy that the best to mitigate the problem that might arise in the future (International Energy Agency, 2012). Various technology and behaviour changes can be designed to reduce to impact on the environment (Olivier et al., 2014)

  • International Energy Agency, 2012. IEA World Energy Outlook.
  • IPCC, 2011. IPCC special report on renewable energy sources and climate change mitigation.
  • IPCC, 2001. IPCC The science of climate change.
  • Olivier, J.G., Janssens-Maenhout, G., Muntean, M., A.H.W. Peters, J., 2014. Trends in global CO2 emissions: 2014 Report. PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency Hague.

Finally, the last missing piece. I have use textbook on sustainable energy subject, and for the climate change, I try to use various public report that available.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 16, 2015 pada 7:25 pm

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