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Energy and Environment Policy: Textbook

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The motivation to develop energy policy driven by three indicators such as the fossil fuels limitation, energy security and climate change (MacKay, 2008). One of energy policy that can be develop is based on renewable energy (Boyle, 2004). However with the available solution, the energy policies still face a problem with the dependency of oil, carbon emission and growth (Randolph and Masters, 2008). The solution should be based on sustainability, which in this case refers to economic, environmental and social balance of energy development.

  • Boyle, G., 2004. Renewable energy. OXFORD university press.
  • MacKay, D., 2008. Sustainable Energy-without the hot air. UIT Cambridge.
  • Randolph, J., Masters, G.M., 2008. Energy for sustainability: technology, planning, policy. Island Press.

Boyle is the text book on Renewable Energy cited by 1211 paper.  So all the research that related with renewable energy usually cite this book for example mention that there several alternatives of renewable energy technology that can be used. The next text book is by MacKay, which is very interesting and respected person, check his blog and wikipedia.  MacKay and Randolph is mainly on Sustainable Energy. Renewable and Sustainable Energy is two different concept. Renewable is more about type of technology, while sustainable is more about impact to the environment.


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November 16, 2015 pada 11:29 am

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