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Energy and Environment Sustainability

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The complexity of energy requires a careful selection of the policy. Making a policy in energy sector require inter sectorial analysis which cover aspect of energy, environment, and socio-economic. The criteria in deciding which component that the most important in environment sustainability have been identified (Wang et al., 2009) and (Afgan et al., 2000) and (Patlitzianas et al., 2008). By weighting this indicator a further study to analysed the detail power plant assessment can be made (Gagnon et al., 2002). Addressing the key indicator of environment sustainability can help create a better framework to perform analysis and develop better scenario on energy (Moss et al., 2010).

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Distractor. Again, one of the biggest challenge (distractor) in research is to find irrelevant but too interesting to be missed (curiosity kill the cat). Searching using “Environment Policy” able to find related article in Information Technology, which lead to “Information Technology and Organizational Performance”.

Inspiration vs Discovery. Search require patience, and re-search require more and more patience. I think, I start to find the relation. First we need to identify the scope/definition (energy, environment, policy) and the we define what we can do assessment or measurement by using calculation, indicator development. After that we can identify the finding. Based on that finding we make a new conclusion. In the relation between energy and environment, we need to know the trend, policy and most important how to measure. In my case I found “Power Plant Assessment Environment” as important keyword that will be used.

Know to stop.



Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 16, 2015 pada 6:43 am

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