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Temptation #1: Marketing/Big Picture/Known Fact
– What is the biggest issue for energy sector? security (availability)
– Indonesia data research availability
– Renewable Composition

Temptation #2: Similar Study, Research
(Fridleifsson, 2003) Status of geothermal energy amongst the world’s energy sources
(Gan and Li, 2007) An econometric study on long-term energy outlook and the implications of renewable energy utilization in Malaysia

Temptation #3: Highly Cited, Not Directly Related
(Ozturk, 2010) A literature survey on energy-growth nexus (Cited 322, #75 on Energy Policy): Energy and Economy
(Dresselhaus, 2001) Alternative Energy Technologies (Cited 758, #18 on Energy Policy): Hydrogen Fuel, Photoelectrolysis

Temptation #4: Time Management

1. Telling a story is different than testing (perform research / criticize which require evidence)
2. Focus e.g statement “This paper extensively concentrates on energy and environmental impacts only” (Dincer, 1999)
3. Biggest Challenge: How to prove something


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 18, 2015 pada 2:51 pm

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