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Air Quality: Energy and Environment

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Air Pollutant explained in simple table as below

No Pollutant Atmospheric Constituents US EPA Major Air Pollutant Green House Gas (Long-Lived) SLCP (Short Lived) Lifetime
1 Sulfur Compounds Sulfur Compounds US EPA Big 6
2 Nitrogen Compound Nitrogen Compound US EPA Big 6 (NOx) GHG (N2O) 5% 114 Years
3 Carbon Compound – (Inorganic: CO/CO2) Carbon Compound US EPA Big 6 (CO) GHG (CO2) 82%
Carbon Compound – (VOC: Methane/NMVOC) GHG (CH4) 10% SLCP 12 Years
4 Particulate Matter (PM) – TSP Particulate Matter US EPA Big 6 (Particulate Matter)
Particulate Matter (PM) – PM 2.5 SLCP (Black Carbon, Days) Days
5 Ozone Ozone US EPA Big 6 SLCP (Week) Week
6 Halogen Compound Halogen Compound GHG (HFCs) 3% SLCP (15 Years) 12 Years
7 Toxic Metal (Pb, Mercury) US EPA Big 6 (Lead)
8 Amonia (NH3)
Biggest Contributor Transport (Lead) Energy (Electricity, Transport) Residential, Agriculture
Issues Climate Change Health, Food

TSP: Total Suspended Particles
NMVOCs: Non-methane volatile organic compound
PM: Particulate Matter
SLCP: Short Lived Climate Pollutant

Air Pollution is wide topics, every country has their own policies, US and EU for example. Popular website like bloomberg, economist, or quora, quora CO, researchgate, or public information such as unep and c2es. Well, technically, I am still struggle in understanding basic concept on environment, hope everything getting better.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 20, 2015 pada 6:13 am

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