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Energy Development and Air Pollution Challenge

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Environmental impact of energy development is affecting all the aspect of air, water, waste and land pollution. Studies indicated that air pollution is one of the biggest impact of energy development (Stern et al., 2006). Study also trying to solve this challenge by using renewable energy (Boyle, 2004) and sustainable approach (MacKay, 2008) (Randolph and Masters, 2008).

The definition of air pollutant might refer to interfere human health and harm environment (Vallero, 2008). Studies of air pollutant divide pollution based on component of chemical element such as Sulfur, Nitrogen and Carbon (Flagan and Seinfeld, 1988). Other classification based on duration of impact such as long-lived GHG and short-lived climate pollutant (Seinfeld and Pandis, 2006).

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Again, I still found many distractor (in a positive way of course). Some paper is similar with what I am trying to make, such as The likely adverse environmental impacts of renewable energy sources, and Assessment of sustainability indicators for renewable energy technologies. Other has a very good illustration. But I think I need to focus, and it will require some time. As of today, I have found three important reference on renewable/sustainable energy by Boyle, MacKay and Randolph & Masters. And also found four important reference on environment/air pollutant from Flagan & Seinfeld, Seinfeld & Pandis, Stern and Vallero. Good news for today, seems very promosing.


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 20, 2015 pada 7:35 pm

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