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Short-lived climate pollutant mitigation in energy sector by using clean technology

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At this moment I investigate the depthness, which so far I thought it sufficient. I also thinking the possible hypothesis on how to solve this problem. This idea based on clean technology effort such as diesel vehicle, hfc in refrigeration, methane leakage. Some update in Oil and gas industry which provide methane partnership list definition Methane emission. Hopefully (again) it is still relevant with control of fossil-fuel particulate black carbon and organic matter. Black carbon emitted from energy consumption, and at the end it will build some case study in Turkey. Well let see, sufficiency is a big issue here.

Depthness: Environment> Air Pollutant> Short-Lived Air Pollutant
Effort: Clean Technology: Use of Renewable, Energy Efficiency e.g in Transport, Clean Household in residential

Methane emission sources in oil & gas
1. Natural gas driven pneumatic devices, pumps
2. Centrifugal compressors with wet (oil) seals
3. Glycol dehydrators
4. Well venting of liquids unloading
5. Casinghead gas venting
6. Fugitive equipment and process leaks
7. Reciprocating compressor rod seal/packing
8. Hydrocarbon liquid storage tanks
9. Well venting/flaring during well completion for hydraulically fractured wells


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 21, 2015 pada 9:27 am

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