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What is Research

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At this moment, I have observe around 145 paper on energy and environment. If I can organize all that 145, I can divided into several area, which has a unique pattern as below:

1.Provide clear conclusion, numerical approach
– Indicate that the most significant GHG avoidance (in absolute terms) can be made from technology (Weisser, 2007)
– Find that for anything beyond very small emissions reduction targets, the emissions price is the most efficient single policy for reducing emissions (Fischer, 2008)
2.Provide known conclusion, narative approach (I dont know better wording)
3.Provide known conclusion, fact based approach (Contain a lot of primary data e.g population, number of power plant)

Well, I get bit confuse, so I ask stackexchange which provide good answer that it all research, which make hypothesis (a guess), and experiment and evaluation. Another SE thread is on hypothesis definition, from finding how something works (how energy scavenging work), to gap in the ability to do something. Well the most interesting part is what is research paper


Written by Anjar Priandoyo

November 23, 2015 pada 3:59 pm

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